Dead Cells

A couple months ago? I hadn’t known the gaming terms Metroidvania or roguelike. The former came to my attention after investing an embarrassing amount of hours into Hollow Knight, a beautiful side-scrolling adventure with a (huge) fixed map that requires lots of backtracking as you gain abilities. I’m at a point where frustration of a […]


I’d been looking forward to this game since the announcement two years ago. As a fan of Panic Software, Olly Moss’ keen design and Jane Ng’s environmental work, I figured it would be a beautiful thing, and it is. I kept pausing in my virtual tracks and taking photographs of the tv to capture the […]


The video game I’m most excited for this fall just unleashed a beta for a limited time to whet the whistles of the masses. It’s pretty awesome to see these landscapes, ships and characters rendered so well on the today’s relatively powerful consoles. Too nice outside to devote much time shooting blasters, but man I am looking […]

An entirely new Tomb Raider

I had low expectations for this new installment of Tomb Raider, but after seeing this clueless gamer review with Conan O’Brien, I figured it was worth checking out. Turns out? This is my favorite third person action game, maybe ever (so far). It’s more varied than God of War, and somehow more rewarding than Ratchet […]

Making hay

Two good friends started playing this game called Hay Day and exclaimed it was fantastic. So I gave it a whack before bed one night and now I understand their… obsession. It’s essentially a Role Playing Game on a farm where you try to level up and get new goodies. Instead of magic spells and […]

Another Zelda

I don’t consider myself a gamer, but denial goes out the window if a new Mario or Zelda game is released. I’m currently an embarrassing number of hours into Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Not a fan of motion controls usually, but they work very well here. If things get out of alignment, there’s an […]

Portal 2

Got thoroughly sucked into Portal 2, which is fine as the weather keeps with the rain. It’s a solid ride. The “A-ha!” from the first game is dampened, and I think the challenges are easier, but these sorts of rewarding experiences are rare. Great sets, voices, story and bits of well designed humor throughout. It’s […]