Chop chop chop

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” — Julia Child  

Again with the Farmer’s Market

The summer of 2014 will officially go down as the time when I began to deeply appreciate what foods in my geography are in season. I’ve also learned that buying from local farmers makes me more inclined to use everything quickly and intentionally. Maybe it’s a guilt thing, I don’t know, but man this stuff […]

Farmer’s Market Haul

It’s been so enjoyable to walk over to the Northside Farmer’s Market this summer and pick up good things to eat for the week.

The flower and vegetable market

If your tour of Bangkok has a trip to the “Floating Market” scheduled, skip it. Seriously. It’s like 2 hours away from the city and you can find all the same goods they’re selling at the mega awesome MBK shopping center downtown or the place pictured here: The Flower & Vegetable Market – Pak Khlong Talat. Rambutan: […]

Hội An

First things first? Hit the market the town of Hội An, a medium sized city in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. I had to duck, a lot. Things be geared for shorter folk here. Bombyx mori, silkworm Cocoons ready for harvest. At China Beach on the way up to our destination for the day.