A pile of snow on campus. Still in cram mode, but I needed to step out for lunch and so very glad I did. The weather was incredibly nice. (And weird too because we had just exited a week of sub zero temperates due to a polar vortex.) Back on the work tip, I realize […]

The old YMCA

The gothic YMCA building at 270 Calhoun Street in University Heights opened in 1930 for $175,000. Pretty sure it’s been sitting empty for over a decade. To rehab it would be expensive, but dang how neat would it be if they did?

Waiting room

All day at the hospital with a family member having surgery. Things ended up fine, but there were many moments when heaviness and doubt crept up, and everything, the time we have together, the emails piling up, the scrolling of the feeds, and even taking this selfie, were viewed with a very different lens. Do […]

One more visit

Went back to UC to catch that Charley Harper show one more time before it closed. Got a kick out of these steps on the UC campus.


Yearly checkup. Not born from concern, just regularly scheduled diagnostics. I’ll find out results next Monday.

A walk in the woods

This is the day I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2

And none of these pictures really have anything to do with the new Nintendo game.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve gone in the tube

But the “hold you breath” icon on this machine was a nice surprise.