A very Good Friday

Had a very Good Friday wrapping up work early and spending the afternoon with my friend Brown. I even managed to get her to sit with me and the Easter bunny at the mall. We were less scared than the kids above.

Mall Santa

While I kind of wanted to drive to Toronto and get a selfie with the trending Fashion Santa, the traditional one at Tri-County mall scratched the itch. I snapped this blurry photo from above and he was kind enough to give me a double fist raise. I figured it was dead at the mall so […]

Santa at the mall

Still prefer this tilt-shifted shot of Santa from the Dayton Mall from 2008. Even though, yes, maybe I’m over tilt-shifting. And making photos look old-timey. Which makes me wonder how I’d like to approach 2011 with some new photo challenge, you know, to keep it spicy and interesting for my short attention span. A year […]