Behind two different vehicles on the way home

Turning the field

The nice weather is beginning to stick around. Good for plowing the fields and enjoying an evening out on the town.

A glitch in taxes

This lawnmower for sale has nothing to do with the error I made with my online tax form. Luckily the local tax place was able to figure it all out and I ended up back in the black.

Turning the fields

Mower repair

The wind has been extremely gusty of late, maybe I’ve mentioned it before this season. I really need to get a better kite to keep stashed in the trunk of my car. In the meantime, the wheels on this tractor spun madly outside the mower repair shop in Millville.


I turned the car around for this one because, well, there just aren’t that many leaves left with vibrant color.

Leaf stuck on a window

A tractor, on the road