I’ll stand by what I said 5 years ago at the end of this (loooooong) Creative Mornings talk. When you’re in a rut? Get a haircut.

Super Lotto

The Super Lotto sign on the way to the inaugural Creative Mornings Cincinnati. Listened to Joe Hansbauer talk about the future of Findlay Market and the area north of Liberty. Thoughtful and exciting stuff for our city. Then I went and got my hair cut, but first I swept and mopped the floor for my […]


The critter at the barber shop

It’s going to be a shame if we don’t meticulously document our rapidly evolving language. Because I really need to know the entomology of getting one’s “wig busted.” In other news, I got a haircut at Tiny Tina’s today.

goodbye hair

Even out of focus, you can see that I am now entering my Phil Collin’s ‘No Jacket Required’ phase of life. Bonus shot: my barber loathes computers, but I think she’s keen on this tablet touchscreen stuff.

Keeping my seat warm

At the barber shop.