Kettle whistling Woke up today with an incredibly deep voice. Something is up in the ol’ throat area. Cold? Flu? Something else? I dunno. But seriously, if I sounded like this all the time I’d start a podcast immediately. (I’m writing this the day later and it got even deeper. You can hear a sample […]

Work to be done

When you’re a one man organization (design consulting, not Wire & Twine), the show must often go on even when you could use an understudy. I’ve been extremely lucky that most every client has given me space over these weeks to spend time with family. But there is some work that needs to be done, […]

This one doesn’t really work well “in bed”

Fortune cookies, like buffet food, are such a crapshoot. At some point I either started realizing fortunes were usually just statements, or perhaps quality has slipped over the years. I can’t say which, I just notice it now. Tangent: Not sure I’ve mentioned that I have this weird thing where I must eat the entire […]