Window shopping

Stopped down to visit my friend Brown at the Rookwood Store in OTR. I’ve got my eye on some ceramic bears because I need more things to Swiffer® in my life. My Mother Tattoo by Tattly, as seen on the shelves of MiCA! I’m not sure what this place is, but I loved their window […]


My friend Brown played percussion at the International Women’s Brass Conference at NKU. I don’t often get to see her play out so this was a treat, doubly so because of the program itself. Folks playing offstage and around the performance hall always intrigues me, and the music selections were lively and evocative. Standing ovation.

A visit with The Brown

Clearly she is pleased.

Eric’s birthday

My new favorite thing is taking pictures of people taking selfies. I know this is out of focus, but you get the vibe.

Trivia Night 2014

Another Trivia Night in support of McGuffey is in the books. Our team ‘80’s Mall’ didn’t win, but we had fun dagnabbit. Paul and Amy transcend time, bringing selfies back a few decades. I need to ask Zan what was jammin’ on her Walkman™. Excellent crowd. Capped it off with cake.

Twitter guests

When my friend Heather saw that local restauranteur Jeff Ruby was going to have a big birthday bash if he could break 5,000 followers on Twitter, she was suspect. Very suspect. So when it actually came to fruition and was scheduled to take place at the Convention Center, she told me I should tag along […]

I’m calling it a Derby Pie

I’m calling it a Derby Pie, as does everyone else. But technically, a DERBY-PIE® is a registered trademark since 1968. I’m all for enterprising spirits, but at some point, the battle is lost and that word you made up is a genericized trademark. Like: aspirin, butterscotch, escalator, kerosene, yo-yo and zipper. (Sidenote: If you buy […]


A long day of crunching numbers. A feeling of accomplishment. A visit with a friend. A beer. A music stand.