Breeders Halloween show poster

Sometimes I like to wear the hat of production artist. In this instance, Kyle had an idea for a poster to have for The Breeder’s Halloween show in Columbus. Take this Dr. Phibes poster, add in Kelley and wrap it up with the appropriate text. I was hanging in the hospital with my mom while […]

The Breeders

Kicking the tires on the Last Splash reunion tour at the most excellent Southgate House Revival. Just as much spirit as their original location, and then some.

The Breeders at Southgate House

Cheryl practices

Band photo

The Breeders are hitting the road. I went over and said howdy while they were rehearsing. Looking forward to catching them down the way in my hometown.

record store day

I didn’t actually take this photo, a kind stranger with a better view did the honors as I was pinned in a corner. She might have been with the prevalent rollergirl contingency, but I’m not entirely sure. Either way, I love what she captured. It was an excellent set, my mom finally got to see […]