Mental note: Tell everyone to laugh like they’re holding a salad and pass the potatoes so my Thanksgiving photo will look like that Normal Rockwell painting. As it stands, family and friends gathered potluck-style at mom’s and we were hyper-focused on digging in. By the time desserts were sampled, we were all smiles. My nephew […]


I didn’t take enough photos because there was entirely a smorgasbord that demanded my attention. (And the smoked turkey was perfect.)


Thanksgiving, outside

This shot was taken after everyone had eaten (and I had been back for seconds and thirds). A few things to note: a post Thanksgiving nap is about to happen with the young one there. The weather was SO BEAUTIFUL we ate outside at my aunt and uncle’s in Louisville. I mean seriously beautiful, 65° […]

Thanksgiving proper

That is to say, Thanksgiving on the day of Thanksgiving. But it was proper too, with a turkey and fixins including some very tasty sweet potatoes.


This was almost a disaster, but luckily no one was hurt. Well, aside from the turkey. I never got the carving gene. Coconut cream pie. (I didn’t eat any as I have this thing against dried coconut. I’m told the pie was delicious). So all this pictured above was my first Thanksgiving meal of the […]

the Thanksgiving that was

It was a little off-the-cuff. If you weren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving, the door was open—feel free to bring a friend and a dish. Nine gathered. The meal was plentiful and excellent. And though I found some deficits in kitchen supplies, everything came together remarkably well. (Except for those card tables I pushed together only […]