Spent the last day of January being very happy doing very little. In this case, sitting on the couch and playing videogames and making five alarm chili. Sidenote: The Uncharted Collection for PS4 is a bargain. Three complete, exquisitely produced action games for less than 30 bucks. Oh, the taxidermy animals up there are from […]

Wooden floor

This? Oh this is just the wooden floor in my apartment. It’s shown up here before countless times, but I’ve been thinking a lot about texture lately. And I like this wood. But the real story behind this photo is that I started coming down with a cold this day. Congested, sore throat, tired and […]

the cats have acclimated

After a little over a month, my friend’s critters have made peace with their new space. (Previously…) Bonus photo: Old fashioned “frosted” window detail (they don’t stamp the glass like this anymore):

fresh blacktop