Got my first root canal. It was surprisingly not horrible; 45 minutes with barely any discomfort during the procedure. The next day however, the area is swollen and a bit tender. Had a interesting talk with the endodontist about drill bits and files, how new materials offer greater flexibility. Lots and lots of files… Then […]

I really liked ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’

As a birthday gift my brother took me to see I Love You Phillip Morris. Snapped this grainy mobile photo of the backlit poster on the way in, not knowing: A. That it was based on a true story. B. That I’d really really like it. Jim Carrey’s intense hamming doesn’t muck up the excellent […]

The Executive

Guess who hasn’t been to the dentist, in *gulp* years? Guilty. I’ve remedied that over the past month with a checkup and exam and then today? A cleaning. I was expecting intense white-knuckled pain, but the  hygienist was delicate and kind. Now I have to find a way to make one of those electric toothbrush […]