Headcold? Sinus infection? I’m not sure which, but it was bound to happen. And thus I scrambled through the boxes under the sink looking for something to ease the symptoms. I’m a stubborn man when it comes to taking synthetic medications that aren’t in the form of gummy bears. But sometimes you have to make […]

Three parts of the day

Started the morning at Jay Products picking up some new extra-large screens and ink. (I’m quite smitten with the orange and white dots on the 957 bottle up there on the shelf.) Spent the rest of the day reminding myself how much exercise it is to print. And when heading out of the studio exhausted, […]

Instant camera

Had a tasty brunch with my mom, and she finally got to peek in the window of Fabricate’s new location. They have this awesome old Polaroid in the window. Speaking of instant photos, I’m enjoying Instagram of late, a simple iPhone app that lets you take square photos, apply some preset filters, and share… very […]