Out and about

A continued tradition: brunch with ma and bro at Take the Cake. Twice now I’ve seen Andrew Neyer’s work outside of YES. Always a pleasure. There’s a playfulness there, but also? I think he’s using my favorite font ever: Univers. Another fine thing spotted down at MiCA: this flask.

Roasted Potato Soup

Perfect for a rainy day indeed. I’d like to take credit for how good this soup looks (and tasted), but that’s all Take the Cake.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day kicked off in Northside for brunch. That’s me up there with my mom and brother. Then there was talk to put pavers or something down to eliminate lawn from my mom’s backyard. We decided to try gravel and that seemed to be the right way to fill in the path. Filled up both […]

Somewhat of a tradition

I’ve been really enjoying having structure to the weeks of late. Cigars on Tuesday. Beers on Wednesday. And sometimes? Brunch on Sundays. It’s a great way to close out the week and catch up with my brother and mom.

Waiting for the light

Dinner with friends in Northside. Kept taking a look outside to find good light to photograph this church through the trees.

Saturday night

Opening reception for new work by Julie Hill at Fabricate. I bought a painting. Once I pick it up I’ll share details. Next up was the one-year anniversary of Take the Cake in Northside. Luckily there was some Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale to stop me from eating all these little cookies.

Loosening the belt

Christmas cookies from Take the Cake in Northside – fast becoming my favorite place to eat lunch and other treats that have lots of butter.