Clearance Sale

I wanted the shirts that weren’t for sale. In other news I’m not ashamed to admit, I’ve started to play some Destiny 2. It’s much like the first one but maybe more confusing to navigate menus. Once you’re in? It’s a solid way to connect and do something mindless for a few. I think the […]

Eurostile Extended

Nice use of Eurostile Extended on this receiver (zoom). They refurbish and sell beauties like this at Shake It Records Plus also? They’ve got a Beatles pinball machine. Extra bonus? We’ve got some Wire & Twine tees available there now.

Crafty Supermarket

Tom and I set up shop at our first proper Crafty Supermarket and WHOA. That was a lot of people (over 6,500) streaming through the doors of Music Hall Ballroom. Luckily everyone was in extra good spirits and we were surrounded by other awesome folks that made the day go by quite nicely. (Don’t get […]

All Meat Wieners

A new favorite t-shirt from Hi-BearNation. (Not your average bear goods, made by friends up in Minneapolis.) It was packed so nice, I’m having guilt that we need to step up with better shipping goodies.  

Ohio Against the World

Caught my eye in Northside. Turns out, it’s a line of clothing by Floyd from Ohio.

2010 T-shirt Festival

You can bet that if there’s ever a lull on here, it’s because the following day was filled with a ton of photos. As was the case on this day during the T-shirt Festival down on Fountain Square. I picked out this flying pig from Alternative Motive, but there are a bunch of snapshots from […]

OTR Gateway Summer Celebration

The 2nd Annual Over the Rhine / Gateway Summer Celebration was a blast this year. We set up to hawk tees (including this new one a bit before Apple showed off their new video-calling thing). There was excellent food, lemonade, music, beer and good chunks of sunlight. And obviously I can’t break myself away from […]

The Battle