Made in Ohio shirt

The black edition—or for me—the “slimming edition.”

Cincinnati tee

We made this tee to test out the discharge process. Essentially color is removed from the shirt with an activated bleach gel. Makes for a nice, super smooth print. These are available at Park + Vine and MiCA. Tom’s expression suggests he thought he would safely be cropped out… Dropped off some goods to friends, […]

Ascending Bear

Back in May I felt compelled to draw that falling bear. We made a few t-shirts with the fella but it felt like it was wanting. The original idea was to include some wings and after recommendations of friends, we brought them back. It’s a weird but well-meaning tribute. Available on our online store, MiCA, […]

A little Made in Ohio

While snapping photos downtown I met up with this little guy and his mom and dad. “Hey, I know that shirt! I made it!” I exclaimed. “No way!” his parents replied, and said if we ever needed a model… “Well how about now?” and the day just got all that much brighter.


Tom’s middle child is obsessed with Mario and it’s awesome to have a cohort that enjoys platforming with the plumber as much as I do. Though he’s only 6, I have a feeling this kid is going to quickly surpass my gaming abilities. Which is cool, because then he can help me through the hard […]

Kyle is going to kill me / t-shirt hem

I didn’t take this photo (Nick Eddy did). I just… embellished it. The real photo from the day were these t-shirt hems to help think about “branding” and unnecessary quotes. Also, I am considering a separate blog called “Things on wooden floors.”

Supporting Make a World

We’re happy to be supporting the Make a World Film and you can too with these most excellent wearables. The shirt was designed by Kyle Fletcher of Mutual Midwest, and we helped print the 5 color fella you see above. Can’t even begin to say how awesome it was seeing this come to life on […]

Made in Ohio

This is where I lay down a big sheet of white paper on the garage floor and shoot new stuff for our store. We’ve been selling this tee at festivals this summer with great response. Finally I got ’em all online.