Prom, 1992

Tina never experienced the awkwardness of prom, so she decided to throw her own. Unlike proms of 1992, this one had delicious food and none of the nimrods you might normally suffer in high school. Extra hat tip to Jonny for telling me to get my butt on the dance floor, and Tina for having […]

I made my bicep bigger in Photoshop

Tina (you may know her better as SwissMiss) asked if I’d throw in a tattoo design for a new thing called Tattly. I said sure because I like her and thought it’d be fun. Now I don’t have a tattoo myself, but if I did get one, my first would probably be something simple, very likely […]

Kodak Instamatic 100

Swiss passport

I took a few more photos than I remembered on March 1st. This was the day that I gladly volunteered to taxi driver Swissmiss to the airport. (She was in Cincinnati for not even a day.) They sadly don’t sell beer outside security at Terminal 3, so we couldn’t look each other in the eye […]

Swissmiss turns 5

I took very few photos this evening, but there was no need as Swissmiss had an excellent photobooth on site to celebrate her blog’s fifth birthday. View some choice photos on her site – or – see the whole lot of ’em! The photos do an excellent job of capturing the blast that it was.

Creative Morning: Zachary Lieberman

Zachary Lieberman (right) gives a talk at a Creative Morning at the SVA in Manhattan. I’ve so much to say about his inspiring slice of time, I could go on and on and on. And I will! But I refuse to let this album get bogged down with my slow, long-form posting. These are snapshots. […]

virtual hellos

This week marked the first time I got to chat with SwissMiss proper. I feel like she’s an old friend after years of emailing and linking, but it was sweet to finally wave at each other and hear her accent, even virtually. She invited me to sit in through videoconference on one of the Creative […]