A pile of snow on campus. Still in cram mode, but I needed to step out for lunch and so very glad I did. The weather was incredibly nice. (And weird too because we had just exited a week of sub zero temperates due to a polar vortex.) Back on the work tip, I realize […]

The lounge

I’ve managed to keep the tree alive. So far.

Swim break

My friends live by a creek and it provides some fine swimming throughout the summer. But the wet season is just around the corner and there won’t be too many days left to jump on in. So when we were experiencing a bit of unusually warm weather this day, we took off ¬†for a quick […]

windows, lens distortion

At least the sun made it out to kick off December…

leaves on lamp

Some days I don’t really leave my house. I relish when the sun creeps in across the living room.