Cat Aisle

This is also the day I saw The Last Jedi, but I wasn’t about to take a photo in the theater. My initial thought of the movie was a bit blank, but like an album that grows on you or a Polaroid picture that develops slowly, I think it’ll end up being a favorite. There […]


So here’s how it works: If an item you want is eligible on Amazon, they’ll let you know if it’s available for same day pickup at their new location in Cincinnati (Clifton Heights to be exact). Once it arrives you get a message, click the link, a locker with your item opens. That’s pretty neat, […]

The Leica Store

I didn’t buy a camera, but I enjoyed looking through the impeccable Leica store. Unrelated snapshot from later in the evening of a burger place I did not try, but enjoyed their sign:


Back in 2003 I got nostalgic when I spotted a Convenient Food Mart in St. Louis. We had one of these stores next to a Larosa’s pizzeria that served as a hub for post high school activities back in my hometown. The pizza joint since closed and the Convenient became an Ameristop. Visiting Cleveland in […]

Things you find at Jungle Jim’s

Always fun to visit Jungle Jims. I really count it among Cincinnati’s top destinations for visitors and dwellers alike. (sidenote: I didn’t have the heart to post the packaged pig and lamb heads, but if you’re curious…)

Lego store

The Boring Store

These cameras welcomed you to the store. When we entered there were kids in the back making music at a workshop of some sort. The rest of the joint extended this fun vibe with excellent products for sale. Highly recommended if you visit Chicago.


Circuit City, near the Dayton Mall