St. Francis

The temperature was cold and it was too early in the evening for dinner crowds or revelers. So it was easy to sneak downtown and pop into mom’s favorite restaurant* and pick up her favorites for take-out. Took a stoplight moment to regard St. Francis here on the way home. * Aladdin’s Eatery. They serve […]

Bright lights in the rearview mirror

The daylight is a rarity this time of year. Thanks to modern engineering we don’t have to live in darkness, but we can drive around in full-sized pickup trucks and use our bright lights all the time. Even at stoplights behind small hatchbacks. This expression attempts to capture the marvel of these phenomena.


Vine, McMicken, Findlay

Stoplight stories

This shot from a corner in Cleveland is for my friend Dicky from California who said he was tired of seeing the Convenient store. I’m so behind, but I’m vowing to get caught up one day.

A common sight these days

Rain. I know, broken record here. Prepare for a weeks worth of ho-hum photos as the weather sets in, I dig in my heels to projects at work and battle a bit of seasonal health issues. Gesundheit!

Clearly a fan

Where I turned around

Too much snow drifting around + new accumulation + road crews that were overworked = me turning around midway on my commute.

long day, rainy night