Closed out our quick trip to Missouri grabbing dinner with Jason at a Middle Eastern joint called Ranoush.

One more trip to Firecracker Press

One of the highlights for this visit was to spend more time at Firecracker Press. This go round we were able to chat with owner Eric Woods. Great guy, loads of talent and generous to share so much insight with us.

Cherokee Street

Peat Wollaeger‘s van. Above: a peak at Peat‘s collaboration with other artists – “Luchador Collab-o-Masks” Fantastic identity for the Black Bear Bakery. (It’s employee owned and operated or as my friends like to say, ‘the Socialist Bakery’) Foam Coffee & Beer provided great respite from the heat and another inspiring space and identity. Even the […]

Back to St. Louis, again?

Indeed. After a swell visit just weeks ago—coupled with gushing to partners at work— we found they were having open studio tours out in St. Louis; artists, printmakers, letterpress joints, the whole shebang. So Tom and I hit the road and crammed in a whole lot of sightseeing took notes in a manner of 36 […]

Leaving St. Louis

I used to call this cat, “Darker on the Inside Kitty” but she’s gotten soft in her old age. Downright agreeable in fact. And now, to close out St. Louis, a few more photos from all hours of the last day:

Firecraker Press, Apop Records & tacos

A confrontation at Firecracker Press. Got a quick tour of this design and print studio. Again, inspired by the quality of work and approach to their space. Popped over to catch this cat and pick up some music at Apop Records. And I almost forgot the lunch break we squeezed in between all these activities. […]

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour

In all my visits to St. Louis, I’ve never been to the place that makes one of my favorite beers: Budweiser. That is, until this day. Renard the fox, mascot for Budweiser’s prohibition “near beer” malt beverage called  Bevo. How stay-tabs are made. Ended the whole she-bang with some cold ones.

Cournoyer’s studio

Had the fantastic opportunity to visit Jon Cournoyer’s studio and was blown away at his space, process and work. Inspirational in every regard.