I had coffee with Caitlin. She writes, a lot, and works with Springboard, and sports nice accessories, one of which is almost certainly a smile.

Colleen Wainwright

This is Colleen Wainwright. She’s good with the words and quick with a smile, among other things. I’ve known Colleen for years thanks to a half mad spinster, and got to see her for a little slice of time as she traveled through Cincinnati. As is wont, when you get together with someone passionate about life […]

On the side of Rosie’s

The day I took this photo, Maya posted about the very same mural. Our overlapping is starting to FREAK ME OUT.

A card to brighten the day

This little one brought me over a card because her dad says I was a super busy stress bucket. She liked the card (intended for me), so she kept it, but still… totally a day brightener. I think everyone needs to acknowledge and nourish their inner princess.

Brunch with mom

Met up with my mom for brunch on a rainy Sunday. Decided to give Melt a whirl as we’d only been there for lunch previously. I eyed her “Vegetable quiche in crisp potato crust” with envy: