The Neon Museum

I’ve been to Vegas, oh, three times? And I’ve wanted to visit the Neon Museum each trip. Turns out? It’s not that far away from the bustle of the strip. There are two parts: a garden of signs mostly no longer working visible day and night, and an evening experience called Brilliant that brings signs […]

Captive audience

My normal route to work is under construction, requiring me to find new ways of getting around. So I’m seeing new things. At this stoplight in Miamitown, someone got enterprising and turned their field into a cash generating business. I can’t look away. Also: Inflatable Park?

Music and signs

Record release party for the Tammy Whynots at the American Sign Museum.

Always finding something new at the Sign Museum

Went with Peter for a tour of the American Sign Museum. I always find something new there.

Previewing the signs

Tonight? I saw my design (along with 10 others) in all three dimensions for the first time at the CoSIGN unveiling of Northside signs. And man, every single one of them looks great. I’ll mention, it’s the first sign I’ve ever had part in working on, and it was a pretty dang awesome experience. Above? There’s Chris […]

Makin’ signs

Making some signs for bargain bins of misprint t-shirts.

Large format printers have nothing on markers and butcher paper

Country Fresh Farm Market Wyoming, Ohio


Usually when a declaration begins with, “There are two kinds of people in the world…” Those declarations are usually wrong because they don’t factor nuance or possibility. But I feel pretty solid in asserting there are two kinds of people in the world, those that block the driveway, and those that do not.