Raiding the medicine cabinet

Day 3 of head/chest cold.

On the mend

After 10 days of feeling quite cruddy, I went and got everything possible to tackle bronchitis and began to feel immediately better.


Headcold? Sinus infection? I’m not sure which, but it was bound to happen. And thus I scrambled through the boxes under the sink looking for something to ease the symptoms. I’m a stubborn man when it comes to taking synthetic medications that aren’t in the form of gummy bears. But sometimes you have to make […]

Wooden floor

This? Oh this is just the wooden floor in my apartment. It’s shown up here before countless times, but I’ve been thinking a lot about texture lately. And I like this wood. But the real story behind this photo is that I started coming down with a cold this day. Congested, sore throat, tired and […]