Waiting for dad

Looking at faucets is fun for the whole family. Unrelated: I believe this is part of the Crisco manufacturing complex in St. Bernard.

Pokémon tournament

“What’s your favorite card?” I asked. The answer was Gengar. Then the special decks were distributed, these being the big motivating reason to drive an hour and join a Pokémon tournament.

One amazing Minecraft cake

Wendy pulls out all the stops when she makes birthday cakes. The amount of fondant square she handmade and colored  for this Minecraft homage was kind of crazy. And this isn’t something she Googled for the cake pattern, she meticulously research and planned it out, did the math, and spent all night pulling it together. Crazy […]


My studiomates have a son, and he is now seven years old. Soon? He will be able to beat me at videogames and I will officially be very, very old. I’m optimistic for the world he is finding. Not just because they’ve mixed Legos and Star Wars. Because of most everything else*. * Save for […]