Cleaning a screen

Tom has recently been helping me learn the ropes of burning screens. You’d think after 12 years (YES, 12 YEARS) I would have known all of this. Alas, I do not and we’re fixing that now.

Unused backdrop

Mike Perry’s Pulled at Yes

(Partial) Above Left: Jim Stoten “My Best Friend”  / Right: Andrew Holder “Early Bird” I’m decidedly smitten with everything that lands at YES in Cincinnati, the part gallery, part workspace in Over the Rhine. Through the end of May and all of July they featured works from the new book by Mike Perry. The book is Pulled: A Catalog of […]

R.Ring and me giving a talk about something

I’ve posted about this on our studio blog, but the long and short of it is: Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery are residents at the South Park Tavern every Tuesday in April. They’re having friends kick off each evening with talks about all sorts of stuff, music, and demos. I’ll be speaking on April 26! […]

One more trip to Firecracker Press

One of the highlights for this visit was to spend more time at Firecracker Press. This go round we were able to chat with owner Eric Woods. Great guy, loads of talent and generous to share so much insight with us.

Farm Day 6

I think this was Farm Day #6, where friends and family descend on the farm, bring potluck goodies, wander the fields, play music and print shirts. Tom was the man behind this very special mullet version. And though I rarely make the time to take photos, I did quite enjoy this one below that shows […]

Joel on the press

The Battle