Plaid shirt

I’ve posted about this on other social media type places, but I figure it’s good to record here in the ol’ album. I always wanted to make a plaid shirt. I finally did.

Platonic Solids

So this was fun. I spent the last week working at People’s Liberty while Megan was sharing her awesome story down in Australia. In addition to co-working with the fine philanthropic group, I collaborated with the residents on a poster to commemorate the latest installation in the Globe Gallery, a spacey, kaleidoscopic experience. We had […]

Bigfoot print

I saw this snapshot of a painted stump by Jessica, totally dug it, but didn’t really understand what it was all about. A week later this post about the I Don’t Believe in You, Either show on the Eight Hour Day blog popped up and everything made sense. And now? I hold what is likely […]

ink on paper

Tom’s been experimenting with printing on paper at the studio.

WOXY’s top 100 of 2008

The bulk of WOXY shirts went out the door today. Tom did a knockout job on the design once again.


I was thrilled to find that Print Liberation offers a few shirts in big boy sizes. Those fellas have it going on.