Always worth a snapshot: Malls during holidays

Not my best Santa composition (previously and also previously), but it’s always fun to see. The mall was packed this Monday. I wondered if all these folks had jobs and then I remembered, I was there too. I was there to pick up a new computer that was over two years old, because I agree […]

Mall Santa

While I kind of wanted to drive to Toronto and get a selfie with the trending Fashion Santa, the traditional one at Tri-County mall scratched the itch. I snapped this blurry photo from above and he was kind enough to give me a double fist raise. I figured it was dead at the mall so […]


I’m still kind of, but not as obsessed with Snickers varietals as I used to be. This Crisper is good, akin to a Whatchamacallit. In related news of inflating midsections, they’re now able to do four color printing on those lawn decorations. We are entering fancy times.

Christmas Eve morning at the Museum Center

What’s becoming a tradition: A trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center on Christmas Eve day

Yup, another holiday outfit

Exhausted from all the gift unwrapping and scoping out scraps that fall from plates, Santa dog takes a very small break.

Santa at the mall

Still prefer this tilt-shifted shot of Santa from the Dayton Mall from 2008. Even though, yes, maybe I’m over tilt-shifting. And making photos look old-timey. Which makes me wonder how I’d like to approach 2011 with some new photo challenge, you know, to keep it spicy and interesting for my short attention span. A year […]