Had lunch with DJ and Joe Walsh to talk about animated logos (or as I like to call it, kinetic identity) at a place called Chako in Covington, Kentucky. Charming, authentic, simple and if you get there on a Friday (and only on a Friday), you can order the curry which comes with a bakery […]

Ginger dressing

The last time I went up to Benihana I started really doubt stuff—mostly the wait time and feeling I got afterward. Something in my stomach suggested too much of something not wholesome. Surely there was a way to capture my favorite elements in a healthier manner… So I gathered the ingredients for this knockoff ginger salad […]

A different kind of get together

Couple friends of mine had this idea to invite a group of their friends over for dinner. Thing is, these were folks that didn’t know each other but would probably jive on some level. All we had to do was bring a dish and share something that we’re grateful for. I was so in to this. Only, […]