Tiffany’s display

Stopped in my tracks at the holiday displays outside of Tiffany’s downtown. Pleasantly thrilled to see more pop up online from the team behind them: Lab Partners on Instagram.

20th Century Cincinnati

Bakelite radios (and a Backgammon set) on display at the 20th Century Cincinnati event. I went to this mid-century modern pop-up shop / convention in the last hours on closing day. Things had been picked through and while there was lots of nice stuff, I had a mission and did not deviate from the shopping […]


Flyer for The Tempers in store performance at Everybody’s Records.

Things on Tom’s desk

At around 3pm every day at the studio, sun from the skylight forms a beam right on my work area. So I move to either Wendy or Tom’s desks, depending on which one is open. I try really hard not to organize the heaps of interesting things in Tom’s area, but I will admit to […]

Now _that_ is a 7 UP logo

Camp Washington

In the old dress factory

Radio and TV News

A magazine cover from 1958 that is laying around the studio.