Searching for Sugar Man

Rented Searching for Sugar Man after recommendation from a few trusted friends. Enjoyed it very much. Took this snapshot of the television to remind myself to visit Detroit one day and ride the People Mover.


Watched Submarine. If you like bands like Harold and Maude and Wes Anderson, you might like this movie. (Now on Netflix streaming) Reeled in by a cheap rental price and a convincing trailer, I was pleasantly surprised to find a story, characters and presentation that were absorbing enough to warrant another go round, which is […]

The post with a dog in a van that’s really about two movies

Mom is trying to catch all the Oscar nominated ‘Best Films’ and it’s a fairly subdued lot this year. But it’s fun to watch movies so she came over for take out Indian food and we scratched two off the list: “Midnight in Paris” Was a surprise. Thoroughly enjoyable and got the gears spinning how […]