In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts

Joseph and Yaoyue take a bow at his final oboe recital at CCM.


Snapped this with the camera on my lap while The Brown up and gave an excellent recital. She’d been working on these pieces for months and it was evident, much to the collective chagrin of me and her friends who have been ribbing her all this time. She was excellent.

a percussion recital and ink on paper

Heather liked this photo of the beat up piano and we made this poster. Here’s some behind the scenes of the whole process. I’m tipping my hat to Tom for making this a reality. (He’s awesome.)

before the recital

Not my recital, I can’t play a chord on any instrument. ‘less of course you consider a computer an instrument. Then again, I still don’t make music with these ones and zeros.