I’ve known Ray since our studies at OSU. He was in product design, I was in visual communication. After graduation we became pretty darn close and I visited him wherever he ended up across the country, working for the man. He since moved back to Columbus and gave developing his own ideas a whirl. He’d […]

Familiar signs

Went up to Columbus to have lunch with Ray & Sheila, my baseball loving friends who are in the thick of Kickstarting a pretty nifty thing that keeps your earbud cables tidy. I’ll keep pimping it out until the level unlocks with the color I want. Always nostalgic going back up to the city of my alma mater. […]

Ray Lamontagne

On my concert bucket list: Ray Lamontagne. I first heard this dude sing on Saturday Night Live of all places, which seemed a bit uncommon for their normal musical guest selections. Soulful and yearning, I was sold. When I saw his new album Supernova was hitting the stores I figured my chances would be good […]

Avanti, Cheese Crinkles and Bunny

Losing track of where I am

Looking out the bathroom window. The day started out in Eagle Rock, over to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (a perfectly sized airport), and then back up to San Francisco. Breakfast at Señor Fish was super solid. If I were one to write reviews on other apps and webthings, it would be favorable. Alas, I’m […]

A walk in the Dogpatch

April 1st was a perfectly sunny day and begged for a long walk outside. Ray & Sheila from afar. Red’s Java House


Rainy day outside. Sports on the tv and homemade chili on the inside.

Ray, doing his Galifianakis impression, I think

One of the many awesome parts of the holiday season? Seeing friends.