I still don’t like the White Castle logo

Over 10 years later and I still don’t like the White Castle logo. But I think the Dodge Challenger looks good from any angle. Also? Fall is happening very quickly.

A spot of rain

Carillon at night

The weather turns quickly, back to what feels more like winter. Made a quick trip through the rain to visit with friends gathered around a football game up in Dayton. I marvel at the youngest of the group who may now officially be categorized as toddler. Topics skip from superbowls to cats, music to tv […]

Some gray, some color

We’re having a string of gray, wet days here in Ohio. Here’s the same view from Devou Park in sunnier, blue sky-ier days if you’d like some contrast. Speaking of contrast, Tom made these salmon salads for lunch from leftovers and they were delicious. I can’t recall the last time (if ever) I’d had dandelion greens. Chunks […]

Goose, Target

Not sure why the geese like to hang out at Target so much around these parts. Previously…

Seems like I often just take photos during meals

In this instance, dinner was at Melt with a friend on a rainy day. Melt is one of these places that I kind of wish was a buffet, because I want a little of everything each time I go and it’s hard to decide on just one thing and one side.

Mt. Adams in the headlights

Boys night out. Dinner at the Teak. Man, I need to wander around Mt. Adams more. It’s really makes you feel like you’re in another city altogether. And the Teak knows how to make a meal with just the right spice level.