Hanging things up

It only took a year or so, but I finally found ways to hang things on my wall without drilling into the brick. Edie gives a look that neither approves or disapproves.

Bear in sweater and a bunch of watches that look the same

Hastily hung this bear Zoo Portrait with scotch tape until I can frame it. My shame is palpable, but he watches over me while I work from home. In other news, I’m trying to wear a watch to be more mindful and rely less on my phone. So I dug up all my old watches […]

Abe hung

Abe has been framed and he’s hung.

Makers issue of Cincinnati Magazine

An honor to be in the “Made in Cincy!” issue of Cincinnati Magazine. The best part though was learning about other folks making things in the area. You can likely read the text in this enlargement.

Abe Magnet by Aesthetic Apparatus

Abe Magnet, by Aesthetic Apparatus. A new and cherished print that will be framed for sure.

Bigfoot print

I saw this snapshot of a painted stump by Jessica, totally dug it, but didn’t really understand what it was all about. A week later this post about the I Don’t Believe in You, Either show on the Eight Hour Day blog popped up and everything made sense. And now? I hold what is likely […]

A single print

I don’t have many things hung at home yet, but this print by Larken Design works well on a bolt sticking from the wall. I don’t know the identity of the woman in the mugshot, but I like to think her crimes had an element of intrigue and wonder.

An excuse to be creative

Tom and I took a little bit of time on Friday to create our own concepts and print them before the work whistle blew. You know how an idea is better in your head than in reality? … Essentially my concept was very low brow with mixed entendres. At the end of the day, it […]