The Grand Budapest Hotel and museums

Caught The Grand Budapest Hotel which felt like Wes Anderson iterating on prior themes with precision and delight. Quite enjoyable visually, and the story clipped right along with nary a hiccup. Todd Pavlisko: Crown at the Cincinnati Art Museum. (Bullets whizzing by iconic works from the permanent collection and into this bronze cube above. Below? All the coins […]

Bonnie Prince Billy and then some

Another one of those days so chock full of good stuff, it almost doesn’t make any sense when you recount it. Above? Bonnie Prince Billy kicking off the second night of MusicNow with an intimate set that grabbed right ahold of your heart.

Intersections of awesome

Ran into Andrew Neyer at MiCA today. This is an intersection of awesome in my book. I seriously dig and admire all of Andrew’s work, which defies falling neatly into any single category. And Carolyn and Mike have made a wonderful shop that I’m proud to have product in. Things are warming up nicely in the neighborhood […]

Angkor Thom

Spent the last day in Siem Reap visiting some of the temples of Angkor Thom (Great City). Beautiful all around (with lots of shade, thankfully). The Eastern entrance to Angkor Thom. (East represents the rising sun, or life) The Royal Palace

The travel day started out with a 5 dollar foot massage

A bargain really. Spent the day going from Vietnam to Laos, with a chunk of airport time in between. We suspect this dinner gave me and Dan incredible bowel issues. Not too fun for 24 hours. Arrived after nightfall into Laos and made it to our rooms at 3 Nagas.

Cooking with Madame Ton Nu Ha

Met at the new restaurant of Tinh Gia Vien in Hue for a private cooking class with Madame Ton Nu Ha. We were greeted with blue skies this morning and the setting was surreal in it’s exquisiteness—a total joy. On our menu to help create: Dance of the Phoenix, Pineapple Lantern of Appetizers, Spring Rolls […]

Known as Saigon

At the Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City (previously, but still known as, Saigon). Kids up to 6 years old are not required to wear helmets on mopeds. This is left to the parents’ discretion. And there are a LOT of mopeds. My travelmate Mr. Pratt described the weaving of the traffic as “a […]

Burgers, beards, beer

Got to the Shake Shack early and was a bit awestruck by these purple flowers. The burger? It was very tasty. My only complaint is that it was too small! Fret not, tis art: Event Horizon After burgers? A meander around the city and up to The Highline. Then it was time to find a […]