Not the best image to represent The Cabin in the Woods

This is a scene outside of the theater where we caught The Cabin in the Woods, which would have been much cooler movie to see at night probably. A fun enough flick.

Three things unrelated

I stepped into the farmhouse and Wendy was working next to this scene on the kitchen table. I’m sure she’s going to document the carnage, but I couldn’t resist. This fella’s name is Tiger. He lives in Dayton. And lastly these necklaces seemed wanting to be photographed. I’m reminded not to think too much about the […]

Ginger & Mom

Mom and Ginger relax poolside.

Memorial Day

Spent Memorial Day around a pool with friends, raising our cups to those who served. Sure it wasn’t a parade, but it seemed pretty darn American with all that Miller Lite. I’m probably starting to look like a lush.

Downtown Inn, Asheville

A quick pitstop in Asheville NC on the way home. The Downtown Inn & Suites might appear a bit rough on the exterior, but it was a great place to stay, perfectly priced and located to walk all around the charming heart of Asheville.