Chicken or beef

Exiting Utah

Thus concluded the quick trip to Utah. The conference? Eh, it largely lacked detail and depth. I’d be frustrated, but I really wasn’t the target market. These things are often about meeting others, and I was lucky in that regard. Enjoyed chatting with┬áJon Armstrong, hearing Dooce speak (In Utah, WTF means, “What’s That For?”, and […]

Victory and a plane ride

The day started with oatmeal and a bit of frustration. I think it’s because I didn’t have enough notches in my belt. (Which is only a problem if you’re carrying, say, baggage, and you don’t have a hand free to keep your pants from falling down when navigating security.) I’m optimistically attributing the weight loss […]

I rarely regret a window seat

Yeah, so, I was home in Ohio for a few days, but that turned out to be a pitstop. Did some laundry, caught up best I could, then boarded a plane for California. Working out here for a few, then heading back home to hit the heavy season pulling into the end of the year.

On to Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum The Presidential Palace


I flew to Canada to take photos. The trip started with your standard photo-out-the-window-of-the-plane-that-includes-wingtip. My room had a great view of the CN Tower. Drove down to a joint in Hamilton called Casbah Lounge. Got to catch a secret warm-up show for The Pixies. (It was all kinds of incredibly excellent)