Look Here!

One tiny glimpse of the Look Here! Project that’s all over town. I just checked out the map on their website. Want to go to all of theres.

Down to Kentucky

Maybe I should look into being a truck driver, because I really do enjoy being on the road. This trip was a quick one: down to Cumberland Kentucky to help friends get an old family condo back into working order. Step one was de-cluttering, step two was hooking up the internet. Very important things to […]

I rarely regret a window seat

Yeah, so, I was home in Ohio for a few days, but that turned out to be a pitstop. Did some laundry, caught up best I could, then boarded a plane for California. Working out here for a few, then heading back home to hit the heavy season pulling into the end of the year.

Wanted Quality & Differentiation

If you were hoping for something different, please hold. I’m still clearing out photos from the last few days in Asia, though I arrived safely home yesterday. (Hello lovely Ohio temperatures of autumn!) But thanks to a whacked out internal clock, my 6am feels like 5pm. When’s dinner? And before I delve back into temples […]

Calypso Cabaret

First on tap in Bangkok? A Ladyboy Cabaret (a song and dance show with transgender men). We caught the tourist friendly version at Calypso with no expectations and were thoroughly entertained, dazzled really. What is this all about? Let me have others explain: “Thailand’s katoeys (“Ladyboys”) are some of the most beautiful – and convincing […]


Ta Prohm

By this time in our journey we were getting a tad exhausted: from the heat, from the malarone (anti-malaria drug), and from all the temples. So. Many. Temples. Really, you could spend months in Cambodia to see them all. So we asked our guide to pick “just one more” for the day and she chose […]

Angkor Wat

Flew into Siem Reap (the nicest airport yet) and dropped off our bags at the hotel and hit the road for Angkor Wat. Aside from the hordes of tourists, this temple city from the 12th century (and featured on the flag of Cambodia), was neat enough. I’ll be honest, it was so hot, it was […]