Sad lamp

Farm Day 12

There are many favorite parts to Farm Day, the yearly event of family and fiends that convene out in Oxford on Tom and Wendy’s farm. I actually like the days leading up to it as it forces Tom and myself to clean up the studio, likely the cleanest it will be any day of the […]

6:30 am

A beauty of a sunrise in Northside. Sidetone: You can see the foundation of the Gantry development underway in the foreground.

Til next time, Dublin

Last thumbprint

When I was younger, my mom would make a special tiny batch of thumbprint cookies without nuts for me because she’s awesome. I’ve since grown up in my tastes and can appreciate them as they were intended. She gave a tin out for the holidays and after this was taken, I’ve devoured them all.

The colors arrive

Snapped these with the big boy (a Canon 5D Mark II) and I think they’re just fine without editing. Brought out the full frame camera in hopes to catch a good glimpse of the Supermoon this evening, but it wasn’t meant to be. Stopped by mom’s garden to pick up some flowers, say howdy, and scored […]

Neon wiener

Friends converged from upstate and downstate for the evening, so we went out for a beer. Even on a Monday night, San Francisco can pack a bar.

Me and a pink gorilla on green beer day

During Green Beer Day in Oxford Ohio, the kids get up at 5 am and drink beer that is dyed with food coloring. It’s a yearly tradition at the college and I don’t have to get it. Technically I’m an old “townie.” Here’s me and a pink gorilla.