The carpet at the AMC can hide kernels of popcorn and vomit with ease. I was there to see Interstellar, which I enjoyed well enough—because I don’t think too hard about these things. It likely helped that I didn’t read reviews beforehand. But that might’ve alerted me to the three hour runtime. I would have allocated […]

Buffalo plaid

My favorite shirt, ready to be put away until next autumn.

Seems like I often just take photos during meals

In this instance, dinner was at Melt with a friend on a rainy day. Melt is one of these places that I kind of wish was a buffet, because I want a little of everything each time I go and it’s hard to decide on just one thing and one side.

Always a week behind

I’ve modified Rule #1 of this here photo album. It used to be “Take (at least) one picture every day.” And for the most part? I do. Really. But some days I keep close and some days I don’t feel inclined. So I’ve decided to change the rule to: #1. Take a photo to represent […]



Now we can run around naked in the living room!