Eye patch

These eye patches are for the second edition of PhotoScouting, hopefully a collection of perspectives from around the world tackling photography prompts. If you’re not on the email list, scroll to the bottom of the website and get on there!

Portland Patch Project

File under gifts that keep on giving: a year subscription to the Portland Patch Project (the Maine one, not the Oregon one). To kick it off I was able to choose my first patch and went with WHATEVER by Molly Steinmetz. Looking forward to what the coming months bring.

Macro Farrah

I’ve snapped a photo of “The Many Moods of Farrah” before, but I was fiddling with a macro lens today and she was nearby. This badge by Best Made Co is likely a better example of what the lens can do: ▼

Be Optimistic

I’ve posted this Be Optimistic patch on Instagram a while back, but I was taking it home to find something to sew it on and the light warranted a shot from the “big” camera. I do dig it so. It was posting this or the only other photo I took today:  Me sitting on the couch […]