Building formerly known as Sam’s

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Rain on tall grass

Some context. B&W Challenge 5 of 7

IKEA rocks

Literally, these are just rocks in the IKEA parking lot. I didn’t have the wherewithal to snap a proper photo inside, because it was absolute mayhem.

Sunset in the parking lot outside the burger joint

Combatting the effects of that overnight flight, but settling back in Ohio well enough. I’d complain about the cold weather, but sunsets like this quell such thinking a little.

Goose, Target

Not sure why the geese like to hang out at Target so much around these parts. Previously…

Hangers on

IKEA West Chester parking lot

A plant with its own parking space

You really don’t get a sense of scale for this plant until you see it in context of say, a building.

Reds and oranges and yellows