Cincinnati Bockfest 2016

Went downtown to catch Cincinnati’s celebration of Over-the-Rhine’s brewing heritage, bock beer, and the coming of Spring. Also goats. Realized I need to get quicker on my feet when it comes to parade photography: Lots more Bockfest photos, many blurry.

Opening Day Parade

Once again I’m reminded that our parades would benefit from more extravagant floats. But that didn’t diminish the weather and vibe of the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade for the Reds.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Almost missed the St. Patrick’s Day parade because they changed the route entirely. The thing that stuck out, above all else? This moving vehicle that had CATS, ON DISPLAY. Sure it was for adoption, but it was the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while:


In all my years, I never made it to a Bockfest parade. It has something to do with celebrating goats and beer or something. I must admit, it’s quite the jovial affair, even with chilly weather. Closed out the evening catching Joe Rogan do a bit of standup. Funny guy.

A little pride

I didn’t take too many photos at Pride this year as I was working our booth, selling tees. Damn it was hot out there that day. Speaking of tees, we printed up the shirt above, designed by Brian for the Cincinnati Men’s Chorus. An honor, really. Met some folks for the first time. And saw […]

The High Steppers

Part of the Northside parade. Bonus shot from the day:

2009 Lake Festival Parade in Celina

Perfect weather to enjoy the parade. I posted a good handful of photos over in this special Lake Festival Album.

Independence Day Parade

A little bit of rain didn’t hamper the spirit of the Northside July 4th Parade. Dan Korman of Park + Vine.