Korean dinner

Celebrating Joseph’s birthday with some Doldot Bibim Bab at Riverside Korean.

The Comet

New minor life goal? Have an accent wall with color, texture or wallpaper. Then have a painting that incorporates said feature, like The Comet All-Stars pictured here (or this). Maybe I simply need an empty frame… friends do this with great success in their home.

Fiesta Charra

It’s only taken like seven years, but we’re finally getting to know folks in Oxford who can join us for lunch. Today we had Mexican food uptown and spent a small chunk of the  meal marveling at the absurdity of politics. The other more important topics of conversation included music, Star Wars and movies that […]

On the side of Rosie’s

The day I took this photo, Maya posted about the very same mural. Our overlapping is starting to FREAK ME OUT.

A not blank canvas

We sent a bunch of stuff off to Goodwill, but this piece was salvaged for reconfiguration.

Things of Tom’s

A couple photos from the phone because some days, well, I’m lazy like that. These are things of Tom’s… a book – and a painting by Jim Houser. Man I dig his work. My snapshot does disservice.