Quick Draw at Manifest

Signed up for a Quick Draw event at Manifest Drawing Center that featured live models: an Eastern Screech Owl, a Great Horned Owl and a Peregrine Falcon. I was rusty, not able to remember the last time I picked up oil pastels and drew from a live model. Also realized it’s extra difficult now that […]

screech owl

Got up early to catch the last burst of color from all the flowers at the Cincinnati Zoo. This little critter was hard to get looking directly at the camera. He kept rotating his head all around. Lastly, note his pupils. I wonder if that is an effect of the shadow and sun.

Ready to rock Canasta in style

It’s bound to happen… you’re shopping for gifts and something speaks to YOU. As did this double deck of vintage playing cards replete with owls. I got ’em over at Drew’s Kitsch Café and they arrived lickety-split. I’m playing with full decks of cards. Now who wants to play Canasta?

awesome camera strap

In my determination to only post images taken from the day, in order, I find myself stubbornly behind. Fret not. That car wreck was more of an inconvenience than anything major. There will be documentation of it soon enough. For now, I present my favorite camera strap I’ve ever owned. Sure, there might be more […]

New digs

Good friend “The Brown” just got herself into a new apartment. One of her cats (I call this one Fluffypants) already feels at home. I feel compelled to note, on The Brown’s behalf, this carpet is temporary. The other cat (which I call “Other Cat”) is not making the transition so easy. See?