Look Here!

One tiny glimpse of the Look Here! Project that’s all over town. I just checked out the map on their website. Want to go to all of theres.

Cincinnati Streetcar

It’s not here quite yet, but the Cincinnati Streetcar is now testing. The route isn’t entirely thorough, but dagnabbit, it’s a start, and that’s pretty darn exciting.

City Flea

City Flea. May 17, 2014. Mental note: 1.) Ask Zan what a cup of tea and wheat penny means. 2.) Run idea by her about a new photo book called “Zanthology.”

Republic street

Grabbing supplies

Grabbing supplies at Suder’s Art Store for an art project. Ended the day having dinner with potential.


The corner of 12th and Vine. Awesome store.

Taste of Belgium

Taste of Belgium Bistro in Over the Rhine has these waffles with Nutella and fruit that cap off breakfast quite nicely. Highly recommended any day of the week. Breakfast-mate Meredith stands in front of the West End Loan I felt compelled to snap because the signage hits all the right notes. I’m particuarly fond of […]

Final Friday in Over the Rhine

Went with my mom to see the art opening for her friend Mark Sullivan down at Park+Vine (Details) I stocked up on goods for the pantry in case we ever get snow, and eyed the garden and bike supplies. Main St. by Andrew Neyer Strolled around Main Street in Over the Rhine for a while. […]