The river rises

Aside from the huge amounts of rain that we’ve been experiencing, this day was significant because I met with what would become my first family doctor in years. Yay for direct primary care that goes for a more personable (and financially reasonable) approach to managing health and wellness.  

Sunset in Cincinnati

Well, technically in Newport, Kentucky. The Reds won the division title this night, but I was in bed by the time that happened.

Alternate route

In a mad dash to the airport, we hit rush hour traffic. Erik consulted some neato GPS app he had, and it got us off the highway and moving again. Thing is, we were on the wrong side of the river. I found this perplexing until I was informed the alternate route included Anderson Ferry […]

A night on the town

Caught Alex Reymundo at the comedy club this night and cried tears of laughter. Funny guy. Made me blush (and that’s a challenge). Caught this view after the show let out.