A trip to Queens

Before taking the subway over to Queens? Breakfast at Johny’s Luncheonette. Ran into Davide, who I’d only known virutally for perhaps a decade. Nice and neighborly Queen’s Pride parade. Scott (and Olli, not pictured) picked a great Tibetian joint for lunch Phayul Dug this Flatiron branding on the way back to pick up my bags […]

Kestrel, poker, pudding, Hedwig

A kestrel was nesting outside of friends Scott and Olli’s place. It would repeatedly fly toward the window, allowing for the photo above. (Fret not, there were no injuries.) There was poker that afternoon. I didn’t fare too poorly, but it would’ve been worth emptying my pockets—super fun random versions of poker with each deal. […]

NYC, Cont.

The Rare book room at The Strand. Fried chicken at Momofuku. (meh) Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe  


So there I am walking around New York City when I run into Dicky. He lives in California so it was quite serendipitous. Whenever we see each other (every year or so) he tells me I’m way behind posting photos on this here album. This one’s for you Dicky. Only a forty day delay!

Prom, 1992

Tina never experienced the awkwardness of prom, so she decided to throw her own. Unlike proms of 1992, this one had delicious food and none of the nimrods you might normally suffer in high school. Extra hat tip to Jonny for telling me to get my butt on the dance floor, and Tina for having […]

New York City

#96 & #98 St. Mark’s Place

I missed my flight back to Cincinnati and spent another day in New York. Made a wide looping from trip from Brooklyn into the city to take this photo on St. Mark’s Place before heading back to out to the airport. The street in the East Village is storied, setting the backdrop for many artists, musicians, […]

Friends and Art

Feliz Gonzalez-Torres “Untitled” (Supreme Majority) 1991 Took a while to work through images from this particular Sunday, as the hours were filled with so. much. good. stuff. My friend Thor is exceptional at finding quality things to do, and provides fine company. We started at the MoMA and smartly ate lunch at their cafe. Headed […]