The 1981 Sears Wish Book

The arrival of the Sears Wish Book each year was a major deal for our family. Living out on a rural farm, this was our strongest connection to physical goods of the world. I poured over this 1981 edition for days on end—maybe months—carefully making a birthday and Christmas list. I was 10 years old, […]

Mille Bornes

Winter weekends are a good reason to dust off games that’ve been sitting on the shelf too long. Cracked open Mille Bornes and gave it a spin. Honestly don’t think I’d played this French road racing card game for decades, though it was a staple with Canasta and Euchre growing up. The game instructions would benefit […]


I’m trying to stop buying stuff, but this knight was a very inexpensive way to make me feel like I was a kid again. There was a period of time when knights and jousting and castles were the only things I drew.

Lego Friends

I don’t spend much time lamenting the Lego of yore. You know, where you had a box of fairly basic geometric shapes that when put together formed a thing. They’ve not been replaced, these basic kits are still around. But alongside these sets are more complex endeavors with injection-molded bits that curve to fit the needs […]


Back in 2003 I got nostalgic when I spotted a Convenient Food Mart in St. Louis. We had one of these stores next to a Larosa’s pizzeria that served as a hub for post high school activities back in my hometown. The pizza joint since closed and the Convenient became an Ameristop. Visiting Cleveland in […]

Legos from my youth

Man, they haven’t topped the ol’ “Space” sets from the 80’s. Keep your fancy Star Wars stuff!

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